Does a data provider have to fully populate the data representation model to generate a transmittal?

No, a data provider does not have to fully populate the data representation model (DRM). There is no mandatory "completeness of coverage" requirement that SEDRIS puts on data providers. While data providers may limit the information they wish to share in a transmittal, the SEDRIS DRM provides the capability to describe a completely integrated environment. The more data and their relationships included by a provider, the more useful the transmittal will be to the community.

Does SEDRIS solve the interoperability and correlation problem?

SEDRIS will help the interoperability problem by providing a consistent, integrated, and correlated view of the environment - for each interoperable simulation application to use. From the SEDRIS data representation model (DRM) of "ground truth", each application will develop its own run-time databases - a process that may create correlation problems. Since each application started from the same SEDRIS transmittal, the correlation issues will be easier to detect and resolve before conduct of the simulation or other use of the data. The interchange of a consistent DRM becomes one of the conditions, but not the only condition, on the path to achieving interoperability. Therefore, SEDRIS, by itself, does not solve the interoperability problem, but will provide technology enabling the solution.

How do I get training in the use of SEDRIS?

We are developing a comprehensive SEDRIS documentation set. From this, we will establish a training program. Until this training package is available, video taped presentations, data representation model descriptions, public and private presentation packages, topical white papers and other data on the SEDRIS web site can provide background information on SEDRIS and its software tools. All documentation, when available, can be obtained from the web site.

Is SEDRIS used for the generation of environmental databases?

No, SEDRIS is not a database generation system. SEDRIS supports the unambiguous interchange of data between database generation systems.

What if the kind of representation that I need is not in SEDRIS?

SEDRIS would be deficient if it did not include a data representation that is needed by a particular sector of the M&S Community. If this sector of the community is important to the total M&S Community, SEDRIS would need to be augmented to support the desired data representation. If you identify deficiencies in the data representation model (DRM), you should provide the appropriate DRM changes that correct such deficiencies.

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Last updated: March 14, 2003