Applied Research Associates (ARA)

ARA was established in 1979 to provide advanced research and development services. The company has steadily grown to over 700 employees and is highly regarded in the DoD community as a premier developer of mission-critical planning tools and architectures. ARA is the developer of several large-scale DoD mission-critical software systems that have been transitioned to operational users, such as EUCOM, USFK, and SOCOM. For example, ARA developed the IMEA software system, a planning tool, used for weaponeering in the battlespace. ARA also developed the Integrated Target Planning Tool Set (ITPTS) system that allows distributed weaponeering tools to interoperate over heterogeneous networks. This system will be used by the USAF Joint Targeting Toolbox (JTT).

As their tools have matured and gained wider use throughout the DoD, they have seen a greater need for interoperability with other tools in the Modeling and Simulation community. One of the logical next steps for them in meeting the requirements of their own users and those of the broader community is to make their data models interoperable with other tools. They believe that their involvement as a SEDRIS associate will allow them to make this transition more quickly.

Last updated: January 15, 2003