BAE Systems

BAE Systems is Australia’s largest defence contractor, and the only Australian-owned major defence prime contractor. BAE Systems operates in all mainland Australian states and territories, as well as New Zealand, Fiji and the Philippines, and has close, mature links with US and European technology providers.

BAE Systems develops, supplies and installs systems involved in surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, simulation, hydrography and information and computer security. BAE Systems builds, supports and maintains warships and armoured vehicles, provides civilian support for defence facilities, designs, integrates and installs aircraft systems, and is involved in high technology joint ventures in over-the-horizon radar, large-scale software systems engineering, and naval architecture and ship design.

The Electronic Systems Division of BAE Systems is the pre-eminent supplier to Australian and International Defence customers of advanced technology products and engineering services. Their specialist areas include systems engineering and integration, design, development, installation, test, manufacture and ILS/LSA in the fields of electronics, simulation, software, electro-optical, mechanical and aeronautical systems.

BAE Systems Simulation Group is currently directly involved in a number of streams of SEDRIS activity.

Last updated: June 30, 2008