EADS has created Network Centric Operations Simulations (NetCOS), an actual virtual battlefield in which the entire chain from "sensor" to "shooter" is reproduced, including the command, control and information network and system. With NetCOS, which was unveiled at the Paris Air Show 2003, EADS is federating its simulation and experimentation capabilities based on synthetic environments.

As NetCOS is linking all the "defence " sites of EADS in Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, it draws its strength and its digital models from the four corners of Europe to allow EADS engineers as well as its clients to define the performance and interoperability of their present and future products (UAVs, combat aircraft, ships, missiles, etc) by running interactive scenarios.

In order to cover its multiple use, NetCOS develops environmental databases for use in real-time networked interactive simulation. The technical constraints on these databases are: interoperable, standardized, re-usable, flexible, comprehensive, multi-spectral, accurate, and optimized. SEDRIS is the most advanced and most adapted answer to their constraints.

The synthetic environments developed by NetCOS will provide an important capability to support and enhance many future defence activities in Europe. NetCOS is able to set up complex exercises and use networks of many kinds of simulation in synthetic environments. Bringing manned simulations, computer generated forces together with real systems in a user defined environment is their core job.

Last updated: June 2, 2004