ERDAS, Inc. is a leading provider of geographic imaging solutions. The company's products and related services help organizations visualize, manipulate, analyze, measure, and integrate any type of geographic imagery and geospatial information into 2D and 3D environments. Technical support, training, custom applications development, and project consulting services aid the ERDAS client in their post-purchase needs.
In 1978, ERDAS pioneered the first PC-based image processing system, and for over 21 years has set the standard for multi-functioning geographic imaging systems. ERDAS products consist of a fully integrated set of tools, packaged to provide the level of functionality that is appropriate to the job.
ERDAS works closely with the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) to bring easy-to-use geographic imaging tools to both its "power" and "desktop" users. The ArcView Image Analysis extension represents a significant step forward in bringing ERDAS' dynamic geographic imaging solutions to the ESRI desktop mapping community.
Last updated: August 27, 2004