Indra is the leading Spanish company in Information Technologies (IT). Its activities are distributed into three lines of business: Information Technologies (80%), Simulation and Automatic Maintenance Systems, and Electronic Defence Equipment (20%).
Indra is interested in using spatial data standards, specifically to respond to acquisition requirements from M&S Programs. Indra, as participant in the EuroFighter2000 - ASTA (Aircrew Synthetic Training Aid) program, provides the Data Base Generation System (DBGS).
The DBGS is used to import appropriate source data, process it, and generate the necessary databases and object modeling for the ASTA. Moreover, it will be able to reuse existing databases supplied in SIF or SEDRIS to minimize DB-generating costs. The respective national mapping agencies, commercial data suppliers, national EW-support units, and intelligence agencies supply the source data for the databases. The DBGS concept requires interchange mechanisms to be defined for the four types of reference data, namely source data set, ground truth database, model library, and image library. The interchange mechanism needs to be appropriate to the type of data to which it is applied. In all cases, the data interchange format or mechanism must be an open standard, such as SEDRIS.
Last updated: July 10, 2001