Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has been involved with SEDRIS since it's inception. Now, as a member of the SEDRIS Core Technology Team, SAIC assists SEDRIS Management in the direct implementation and maintenance of core SEDRIS products. These products include the SEDRIS Data Representation Model, the SEDRIS Transmittal Format, and assisting SEDRIS Management with the establishment of documentation that will lead to the acceptance of SEDRIS as an international standard. Other products that SAIC developed include the SEDRIS Write API and several utilities that assist SEDRIS users in their applications. SAIC also is involved in updating and extending core SEDRIS software. One such example is redesigning the existing SEDRIS support layer software to allow greater flexibility for the users. SAIC acts as the secretary for the SEDRIS Configuration Control Board. All proposed changes to SEDRIS are acted upon at this board by SEDRIS Management.
Last updated: December 14, 1999