Vcom3D, Inc. (formerly Seamless Solutions, Inc.) provides patent-pending, responsive, 3D Virtual Communicator characters for broadband entertainment. These highly realistic characters (virtual humans and others) respond to the user by creating animations "on the fly". Each character has a unique personality and the intelligence required to play a game with an attitude, entertain, or help.
Vcom3D offers Interactive V-Greetings, Vcomix , and V-Games. Vcom3D V-Greetings, for example, offer on-line personalized interactive animated greetings with sound effects / voice, and music clips to email to friends. These greetings include advertising and branding opportunities for sponsor companies in the form of entertaining characters in a sticky email application.
Vcom3D Virtual Communicator characters may also be embedded in web-pages (including strategic partner sites) to provide animated entertainment shorts or interactive games. Vcom3D animated characters are expressive, interactive, and require a small download while using a Java 1.1-enabled browser, but no plug-in.
Last updated: March 14, 2001