SEDRIS SDK Release 4.1.4
  • The components of the core software are described as follows.

  • The SEDRIS SDK Release 4.1.4 contains the latest in SEDRIS technology products, and is a maintenance upgrade of the previous (4.1.3) release. It contains EDCS 4.4.0 and SRM 4.1.4.

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    The SEDRIS SDK is compatible with the following SEDRIS technology components:
    • Data Representation Model (DRM), version 4.1
    • Environmental Data Coding Specification (EDCS), version 4.4
    • Spatial Reference Model (SRM), version 4.1
    • Transmittal Access (TA) Application Program Interface (API), version 4.1
    • SEDRIS Transmittal Format (STF), version 4.1
    The SEDRIS SDK includes the following SEDRIS implementations:
    • Reference DRM implementation, version 4.1.4
    • Reference EDCS implementation, version 4.4.0
    • Reference SRM implementation, version 4.1.4
    • Reference TA API implementation, version 4.1.4
    • Reference STF implementation, version 4.1.4

    The SEDRIS SDK package also contains a Build Kit "text file". This text file is less detailed and less comprehensive than the Build Kit "document" available as a separate download. The purpose of the Build Kit document is to provide software programmers new to the SEDRIS development environment with a concise description of the steps involved in creating, building, and testing SEDRIS libraries and applications.
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    Last updated: July 1, 2011