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The SEDRIS public reflectors are open forums for the discussion of SEDRIS-related topics. The reflectors are not moderated, nor is there a requirement for anyone to reply or otherwise respond to submitted e-mail. However, all members are encouraged to participate. To receive messages posted by others you have to be a member, however you don't have to be subscribed to post messages (Note: se-announcement is a receive-only reflector). The Automated Wizard below allows individuals to subscribe and unsubscribe to the reflectors.

Automated Wizard

The Automated Wizard automatically fills out your e-mail request to the list server (with the proper entries in the e-mail subject line and body).

NOTE: _ To use the Automated Wizard, web browsers must be configured to send e-mail.
_.(As an alternative method, use manual commands to send e-mail to the list server.)



Manual Commands

The following commands may be used to manually send e-mail requests to the list server, when your web browser is NOT configured to send e-mail.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send an e-mail to <listname> (not to the reflectors themselves) with the proper entries in the e-mail subject line and body as described below.

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Last updated: June 20, 2007